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My name is Laura Roberts and my concern for today is the violence and disrespect our society is facing today.  I mention these things because I personally feel that it all relates to poverty and how poverty effects us on daily basis. Poverty has a profound effect on our health, nutrition, school, and careers. Until recently I used to think that poverty was solely related to financial means.  Within the last year I have found this to be so untrue. Poverty is the exhaust of or lack of resources that are available to us. As I begin this journey to decrease poverty in Monroe County New York, I also know that I will need the assistance of the entire community such as feedback of how poverty effects them. I will also need those who are willing to volunteer to help fight this war, because believe it or not it effects everyone and to help work through it we need everyone in the community to help so please blog your comments, concerns or willingness to help. Please check out the website

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