About Us

Rochester Community Betterment Inc. in Rochester, New York, was started last year when our founder's son had an enlarged heart and died without the service he needed. From this experience, our founder began researching and advocating for people and understanding poverty so we all could understand how we could help the community.

What's Next

We use a "Get Ahead" course to teach self-sufficiency and offer gender-oriented classes. We teach you how to take charge of your life so you can escape poverty.

David's Story

Heart's of Stars was the original name of the now known Rochester Community Betterment Inc. It opened the doors to the public in March of 2014. Laura Roberts one of the co-founders wanted the residents in the community to be aware of the resources available to them in their communities; as well educate the residents on how to be strong advocates for themselves no matter what the situation they face or are up against.

This passion and commitment of helping others came evident to Laura after the death of her eldest son. Towards the end of 2012 the co-founder's son had contracted the flu, the virus from the flu attacked his heart causing it to enlarge (cardiomyopathy). On May 11, 2013 at 7:00 AM I watched him take his last breathe and move on to his next journey.

David was a 27 year old man employed with no health insurance, with an learning disability and limited understanding when it came to complex situations. The services that he received from walk-in-clinics and hospitals were poor and the seriousness of his health complaints were not heard until it was to late.

Although David had a strong support team it was not enough; because he still not get the services he needed because of others perception of him. I strongly believe that without strong advocacy either yourself or a speaker for you; or someone understands and know how to maneuver and work with the system - to get proper healthcare is almost impossible. He lost his battle to lack of help and no advocacy to support him with his illness until it was to late. David lost his battle but his mother plans to continue to fight the war against inadequate healthcare and stop the poverty in community areas through proper health and education.